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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What are the functions of FAB?

Answer: The objective of the FAB is to assign and allocate portion of national radio frequency spectrum to all users of telecommunications and broadcasting in all sectors in Pakistan.

Q2: What is the nature of organization?

Answer: FAB is a technical organization and an autonomous body under the administrative control of the Cabinet Division.

Q3: What kind of education is required for seeking appointment against technical posts in FAB?

Answer: All vacancies to be filled by initial appointment are advertised in the prominent newspaper of National Press and recruitment is made as per laid down procedures. On appearing such advertisement, Persons holding Engineering Degrees in Electrical /Electronics/ Telecommunications/Computer can apply for appointment against technical posts of officers as per laid down procedures.

Q4: What kind of pay package is followed in FAB?

Answer: The pay scales prescribed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority from time to time are applicable to the employees of FAB.