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Frequency Allocation Boards’s E-forms Facilitate Online Filing of Applications

Forms available on this page can be filled out online and assist in the processing of your application. You can file application for a variety of services with respect to your needs and previous authorizations. You first need to have a valid Frequency Allocation Board’s User account to access these forms and after having that you can file an e-form for various wireless services in Pakistan.


about-fab-bullet.jpgCitizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistanpdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgSocieties, Clubs, Schools, Colleges and University duly Recognized by the Government of Pakistan pdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgForeigners pdf.gif.png

Land Mobile Networks

about-fab-bullet.jpgPublic Networkspdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgPrivate Networkspdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgForeign Missions/Embassies in Pakistanpdf.gif.png

Fixed Services

about-fab-bullet.jpgFixed Servicespdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgSST & VSATpdf.gif.png

Establishment of Satellite Earth Stations

about-fab-bullet.jpgEstablishment of Satellite Earth Stationspdf.gif.png

Broadcasting Services

about-fab-bullet.jpgBroadcasting Servicespdf.gif.png

Aeronautical Services

about-fab-bullet.jpgAeronautical Servicespdf.gif.png

Citizen Band Radio License

about-fab-bullet.jpgCitizen Band Radio Licensepdf.gif.png

VSAT Connectivity

about-fab-bullet.jpgForeign Missions/Embassies in Pakistanpdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgIT Enabling Servicespdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgVSAT Domestic/International Connectivitypdf.gif.png



Interference Complaint Form

about-fab-bullet.jpgInterference Complaint Formpdf.gif.png

GMDSS Verification Request Form

about-fab-bullet.jpgGMDSS Verification Request Formpdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgGMDSS Certificate revalidationpdf.gif.png

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