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Estacode 2007 Volume I (New) print

about-fab-bullet.jpg Terms and Conditions of Service of Civil Servantspdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpg Recruitment/Appointment/Seniority and Promotionpdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgTransfer, Postings and Deputationspdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpg Termination of Services, Reversion to Lower BPS/Post, Resignation and Desertion from Dutypdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpg Leavepdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgRetirement and Re-employmentpdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgMerger of Services/Cadres into a Unified Graded Structurepdf.gif.png
about-fab-bullet.jpgRules and Procedures Applicable to Occupational Groups/Servicespdf.gif.png