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FAB's Responsibilities being Notifying Administration of Pakistan print

Represents the Administration of Pakistan and is the focal/ contact point for all 193 Member States of ITU, foreign satellite operators and international organizations.

Receives BR IFIC (Space Services) from the ITU-R fortnightly, containing data on frequency assignments of all satellite networks submitted to ITU:-


Carries out analysis of the information contained in the BR IFIC and takes necessary measures to protect the filed & planned satellite networks and terrestrial networks of Pakistan in accordance with the applicable Provisions of Radio Regulations.

Prepares appropriate responses and starts correspondence with the responsible administrations of all those satellite networks having potential of harmful interference. 

Receives requests/ proposals for coordination from other administrations and satellite operators. Exchanges technical proposals to conclude the frequency coordination. All this correspondence is also copied to ITU-R for record.

If the frequency coordination is not achieved through correspondence then meetings of frequency coordination are arranged on mutually agreed agenda.

Provides regulatory support to all concerned agencies/ organizations in Pakistan related to space services in the light of applicable Radio Regulations, ITU procedures and Recommendations. Provides input on the agenda items related to space services of WRC and other such alike international forums while formulating proposal on behalf of GoP. Participates in the meetings, seminars and trainings organized by APT on satellite communications. To handle any other regulatory matter related to space services not covered in the above mentioned points.