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Spectrum redeployment/re-farming is an important spectrum management tool which has been used by administrations for making spectrum available to new technologies and services. Many developed countries, leading in wireless technologies, faced the spectrum redeployment issues earlier, and while realizing its importance, introduced necessary provisions in their legislations and accordingly developed redeployment processes.

In most cases, redeployment of spectrum from the government organizations is very difficult. Countries where spectrum in Government organizations is used more heavily, spectrum redeployment is more difficult as the spectrum is extensively been used by Government bodies and therefore, redeployment funds were created for compensation and efficient redeployment.

Spectrum redeployment from private entities (commercial and non commercial) is not a big problem and is done through voluntary redeployment process. In these cases, licenses are issued for shorter duration and once a band is marked for advanced/new wireless services, a notification is issued to all these licensees that on expiry of the licenses, the same shall not be renewed.

Pakistan did not have a defined framework for the spectrum redeployment. Considering the ITU and ECC recommendations, the leading countries experiences and real issues in hand, there was a requirement that the Government issue a policy directive approving spectrum redeployment framework so that the redeployment could be achieved in a systematic and efficient manner for new technologies and services to meet the Government policy objectives for telecom and broadcasting sectors.

Foregoing in view, “Framework for Spectrum Redeployment” was approved by the Board in its 35th FAB meeting for implementation through Policy Directive by the Government.