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FMS Hyderabad is equipped with the integrated state of the art monitoring hardware and software with the monitoring of frequency ranges from 30 MHz 40 GHz. The team at FMS Hyderabad works round the clock to resolve interference issues and undertake the monitoring tasks and support in all the Spectrum Monitoring activities



1:-Fixed Monitoring Station
2:-Mobile Monitoring Station
3:-Handheld Monitoring System


1:-Direction Finding of transmitters
2:-Homing of small transmitters
3:-Spectrum occupancy measurement
4:-Field strength measurement
5:-Bandwidth measurement
6:-Investigation of spectrum interference
7:-Colocation interference detection of Cellular Services
8:-Quality of Service check
9:-Identification of unauthorized emissions

Contact Address

FMS Hyderabad.
MUET Jamshoro University

Contact Number

0222-772025 (Fax)

Note:- Incase of external interference, forward duly filled interference complaint proforma to following address. Director Monitoring(North) FAB HQs Plot # 112, Sector H-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan Tel: 051-4435822 Fax: 051-9257595 Email: m.ateeque@fab.gov.pk