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The existing mobile phone services based on the second-generation (2G) technology have been extremely successful for voice and low speed data transmission but cannot support broadband applications like high speed internet access, interactive multimedia value added or high-resolution video services. The Third Generation (3G) mobile systems have the capability to offer very high data rates and are hence a natural evolution of 2G systems. Pakistan is currently lagging behind in the proliferation of broadband service primarily due to low penetration and quality of fixed lines. Wireless broadband solution and especially 3G cellular can fill this gap.

While recognizing the potential of 3G as a prime candidate technology for provision of broadband services, FAB initiated the vacation and refarmation of 3G spectrum from incumbents i.e. PTCL,NTDC,NTC,SSGCL,SNGPL NHA etc.

Band plan approved in 38th Board Meeting is as under:-