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FAB is well equipped both in terms of trained human resource and software tools, required to carryout the intricate task of satellite frequency coordination under the regulatory framework of ITU. The relevant staff of FAB is trained and groomed to a competent level by providing ample opportunities to participate in national and international trainings, seminars, meetings & forums. FAB has established a lab for the frequency coordination of national satellite networks having following software tools used for satellite filing preparations and interference analysis:


Utilizing the services of above mentioned trained staff and technical tools, FAB has successfully coordinated the frequency assignments of PAKSAT-1 Satellite Network at 38°E with 32 administrations identified by ITU under RR No. 9.7 in the overlapping C and Ku-Bands. The right of Pakistan to operate a satellite has been established at the orbital location of 38°E in both C & Ku-Bands through their recording in the MIFR of ITU as per Article-11 of ITU. The frequency coordination of additional PAKSAT filings is in progress with high priority networks. The frequency coordination of PRSS-O1 (NGSO) Satellite Networks is also being pursed with the affected administrations as per the applicable Radio Regulations.