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Q1:-What is on FAB About Us Page?

Ans:-The information available here is to know more about FAB. About us page includes the following links :

· Prologue

· Vision, Mission & values

· Board

· Functions

· FAB Organizational structure

· Technical Expertise & Facilities


Q2:-What are Regulatory Documents?

Ans:-Regulatory documents will serve up as legal voice. It will include the following information:

· Act of Parliament & Ordinance PDF

· Government Policies PDF

· Rules & Regulations PDF

· Guidelines & Procedures PDF

Q3:-What is Spectrum Information?

Ans:-Spectrum Information defines the varied depth of experience and share the knowledge of best suitable practice as mentioned below:

· National Spectrum Plan

· Pakistan Frequency Allocation Table

· Pakistan Frequency Allocation Chart

· Frequency Band Plan

· ITU Spectrum Recommendations

Q4:-What is Radio Communications Station Site Clearance ?

Ans:-This section will show the systematic flow and a quick glance to qualified sites and it includes:

· Authorization Procedure/ Process

Summary of Approved Sites

Q5:-What is Spectrum Monitoring ?

Ans:-Spectrum monitoring is an important knowledge to share and includes:

· Guidelines PDF

· Monitoring Process

· Monitoring Results

Q6:-How many International Collaboration FAB have?

Ans:-To define the international collaborations this area speaks about following points:




· International Agreements

Q7:-What are E-Services ?

Ans:-E-Services are quick and simple way for users to reach to the required information through login. Keeping that view in mind it includes:

· Procedure for online Applications

· Online Application Forms and User Dashboard

· GMDSS Certificate and User Dashboard

· Interference Complaints and User Dash