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Frequency Allocation Board was established under Section 42 of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) ACT 1996 to take over functions of the then Pakistan Wireless Board.

  • FAB has the exclusive authority to allocate and assign portion of the radio frequency spectrum to the Government, providers of telecommunication services and telecommunication systems, radio and television broadcasting operations, public and private wireless operators and others.
  • In exercise of its powers, the Board shall be guided by the applicable recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union or any of its standing committees or organizations, including the International Consultative Committee on Telecommunication, International Consultative Committee on radio, the International Frequency Registration Board and other similar International organizations.
  • FAB is also assigned the task of frequency coordination of satellite systems of Pakistan with various administrations and satellite operators especially the frequency coordination of PAKSAT-1 at 38 °E in accordance with Radio Regulations of ITU. For the protection from new incoming satellites to carry out the analysis of International Frequency Information Circulars (IFIC) of space services published by Radio Communication Bureau of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on fortnightly basis.


  • To coordinate assignment of frequencies with other Administrations when the frequencies are required for channels working to places outside Pakistan or where interference to channels operated by other authorities is likely to occur.
  • To take such action as is considered necessary to ensure the correct observation of the provisions of the international Radio Communication Regulations with particular reference to frequency tolerance, bandwidth of emission.
  • To investigate all complaints of Interference and take appropriate action to effect the clearance thereof.
  • To advise Government on any proposal to establish new wireless services and their operation.
  • To advise the department on standardization and use of equipment where possible.
  • To compile and keep up to date list of all frequency assignments made.
  • To maintain liaison with other Administrations and committees for the purpose of maintaining as complete record as possible of frequency assignments throughout the world.
  • To coordinate the Defence Department and Civil Wireless System and advise on all matters of common interest with particular regard to the networks as they may affect one another.
  • To advise on regulating such technical and traffic matters as affect the Radio networks in Pakistan.
  • To control the citing of all new fixed wireless stations in Pakistan.
  • To undertake any other duties assigned by the Pakistan Government.