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In order to optimize available spectrum, National Frequency Management and Monitoring System (NFMMS) is in place. NFMMS is aimed at integrated radio spectrum management and monitoring capabilities along with processing of licensing, regulations and tariff issues in post privatization era.

National Control Center (NCC) has been established under the NFMMS having ten monitoring stations with mobile units spread all over. We have state of the art Spectrum Management Software tools for performing real time and swift analyses of the applications / proposals of applicants and optimizing the use of the available spectrum while securing the license conditions.

In order to monitor Interference among operators, number of Fixed and Mobile Monitoring Stations has been established as part of National Frequency Management and Monitoring System (NFMMS). It has the capability to effectively monitor the frequency spectrum in various frequency bands ranging from 10 kHz to 40 GHz. All the monitoring stations have been equipped with the integrated state of the art monitoring hardware and software to undertake the monitoring tasks.