Interference Complaints Procedure

The route of interference complaints are as follows;

The interference complaints from telecom operators/ licensees like Cellular Mobile operators (CMOs), WLL operators, Data licensees, VHF Land Mobiles operators etc are routed to FAB through PTA.

The interference complaints from media licensees like FM radio and TV etc are routed to FAB through PEMRA.

The interference complaints from government departments/agencies like CAA, SUPARCO, MoIB (PBC &PTV), MoD, WAPDA, SNGPL, Law Enforcement Agencies etc forwarded directly to FAB

Instructions for Filing Interference Complaints

Ensure System Opertaions

Before submitting complaint, ensure that your system is operating in accordance with the license conditions and the system is not faulty.

Complaints for same address

Interference complaint for the same address/location (lats/longs) must not to be sent again before three months.

For Repeated Complaints

For repeated interference complaints of the same site/location, previous references complaint number with dates must be mentioned.

Complaints Performa

Interference Complaint Proforma must be focused regarding the actual address/coordinates of the affected site instead of whole area/city/province.

For Identified Jammer

For already identified jammer at a particular place, instead of launching interference complaint report to be sent to PTA for appropriate enforcement action.

Attach Required Photographs

RF scan / any required photographs may also be attached with the complaint proforma.

Complete Performa

Complete all appropriate fields of proforma with authorized signature.


Please Download Interference Complaints Performa from here


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