FMS    Lahore is equipped with the integrated state of the art monitoring hardware and software with the monitoring of frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 18 GHz. The team at FMS Lahore works round the clock to resolve interference issues and undertake the monitoring tasks and support in all the Spectrum Monitoring activities.


Monitoring Facilities:

1:Fixed Monitoring Station

2:Mobile Monitoring Station

3:Portable Monitoring System

Measurement Capabilities:

  • Measurement of frequency
  • Measurement of RF level
  • Measurement of field strength and power-flux density
  • Bandwidth measurements
  • Modulation measurements
  • Compliance measurements
  • Spectrum occupancy measurements
  • Unwanted emission (out-of-band & spurious) measurement
  • Identification of illegal use of radio spectrum
  • Signal source location through homing and triangulation
  • Investigation of radio spectrum interference complaints
  • Measurements for health hazards surveys
  • Measurements for coverage & quality of service check
  • Optimization of jammers in context of national security

Note:- In case of external interference, forward duly filled Interference Complaint Proforma to following address: