Site Clearance Procedure

Instructions for Filing Site Clearance Applications

Licensees are required to submit application in hard and soft form to PTA comprising of following documents:

  • 01 x set of R-01 forms for BTS;
  • 01 x set of R-03 forms for Microwave (backhaul) or R11 for VSAT (within the—Telecom region only);
  • Site plan which may include Google map snapshot of the proposed site;
  • Copy/copies of CNIC of the signing person
  • Summary of information in Form R-01 and R-03 for PTA and FAR;
  • Undertaking for not using any secrecy device;

The applicant shall also ensure the following while submitting the proposals:

  • An application shall not contain more than 25 BTS and or MW in one sec,
  • One pay order/ bank draft/cheque to be deposited against one application;
  • The proposed site shall comply to section 5 of SOP on BTS Site Sharing dated 15. Sep 2010; and
  • Examine the request of frequency assignment in detail

Site Clearance Forms

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